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hyperactive thoughts in an optimistic jar [entries|friends|calendar]
hyperactive thoughts in an optimistic jar

hiya, i'm robyn or in ljland thecatgoesmoo! I'm a crazy, hyperactive, 19 year old girl who dreams to make movies and have a kick ass time at nottingham university!

nottingham university

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sanka, ja ded mon? nope!!! [
Posted on February 14, 2007 @ 12:38 pm
[ mood | buzzing ]

okay, so i'm not dead i'm alive! actually better then alive doing preety fantastically good hehehe!!
sorry i haven't updated since like last year... butt uhh you know how it is, how aboot i give you all a snuggle, would that make things better!?

i hereby promise to update more and more!! soooorrry peoples and happy valentines day! xxxx
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stolen from caiyene mwahahah!!! [
Posted on December 29, 2006 @ 8:11 pm
[ mood | giggly ]

*rings bell* here ye, here ye!!!!!

heheheh, i totally stole this from caiyene but will everyone and i mean everyone or i keel you in your face please give me birthday dates, i'm gonna buy a super funky diary and write them all in!!! :D

sooo doooooooooooooo it!!!!! now *cocks shotgun*

now i'm gonna go watch high school musical and chill out but i thought i would give you guys a funki as monkee picture or two before i go to entice you to comment:

the end... or is it??
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merrryyyy christmas, yeyeyeye!! [
Posted on December 24, 2006 @ 10:22 pm
me: hi everybody!!
you guys: hi dr robyn!!
me: happy christmas everybody!!
you guys: happy christmas too dr robyn!

(if i actually was a dr this would be mildy funny!!)

i'm not dead see, i'm actaully alive but if i'm not doing uni work i'm at work making monies to be able to eat next year at uni! yey!!
first i wanna say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAIYENE!!! i looove yous and i'm sorry i haven't spoken to you much of xmas, i've been soo bizzy trying to get out of poverty!! *big squishy hugggles*

but uhh... do you ever think:

why do some people completely stooopid???

crush.keel.destroy.bastards.Collapse )

my 2006 film review, yey!!Collapse )

oooh, and before i forget children....

happy, happy, happy, happy, happy CHRISTMASS!!!

love you all and hopefully speak to you sometime between xmas and new years!! :D yey!!!!
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*giggles with girlish glee* [
Posted on November 22, 2006 @ 4:36 pm
[ mood | jubilant ]

yey, so i've been having a kick ass time for the past month or so...
what is so good you ask?Collapse )

photos! wooooo!Collapse )
i can't wait for christmas it's almost upon us! yeyyeyeyey!

because caiyene said:
Write a journal entry with six random facts about yourself. Then,pick six of your friends list and tag them - no tagbacks. These rules should be included in your entry.
1. i love taking showers really late at night and then dance around to music to get dry! :D
2. i love disney songs, chinese music and movie soundtracks
3. i talk really loud to myself when noone is around... heheh
4. if i was an animal i woud love to be a penguin
5. i've got an OCD
6. i can't buy anymore posters for my walls because its completely covered in stuff!

*huggles caiyene back softly yet firmly*

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what have i been upto you ask, well read along!! :D [
Posted on November 11, 2006 @ 3:14 pm
[ mood | optimistic ]

*sings* yo, yo! sean paul! yo, yo!!

don't you hate it when you spend like 30mins trying to figure out why your msn won't work, you look for all the reasons and then sort it out and theres noone online... lame! *le sigh* nevermind!

the essay of not so certian doom!Collapse )

gonna be fit and healthyCollapse )

no more drunken sick people, be gone!Collapse )

okay, i'm gonna go see if my landlord is still aboot or if it's safe to venture out into my house!! me is hunger!!! i also need to clean my room and watch "Twin Warriors" which is an amazing film!!! :D bye bye for now lj-land peoples!

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*sings* hello my baby, hello my darlin', hello my ragtime gaaaallll..... [
Posted on October 16, 2006 @ 4:05 pm
[ mood | sick ]

bonjour, ca'va and what not lj peoples!

being a 2nd year at uni now i feel alot more, well i wouldn't say cocky, but more funky and older! myself and my housemates like to play spot the fresher hehehe! but seriously the changes between this year and last year is soo much, but it for the better!
i have my own house! woo!

house party with extra phelm!Collapse )

my room... with extra pictureness!!Collapse )

travelling, geekyness and all that jazz...Collapse )

omg, caiyene thanks for that dvd the sga episodes were sooo goood! common ground, mckay and mrs miller and phantoms were amazing! woo shep loving! :D i think i'm gonna change my layout again...*ponders* yeah! ohh and if everyone gets a chance, go see "the departed" scorsese newest film! it's actually amazing! okies, i'm outie i need to squish some paracetamol into some hot juice! byeeee

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i'm alive, i'm alive... well for the moment anyways! [
Posted on September 19, 2006 @ 3:28 pm
[ mood | excited ]

howdy everyone in lj-land! *huggles* i miss you guys!

but never fear the blonde madness that is my monkee lovin' shall be returning soon! this ntl guy came round my house yes, my house!!! i own a house!! *ahem* anyways so i should be getting broadband on the 2nd of october! w00tw00t! and in our package we also get digital which means lots of tv channels!! heheh!

it's wierd how i've been gone from uni for almost like 4 months and it felt like i've never left!! i met up with all my friends and flatmates and we were just the same, hehehe! but my house is lovely! when i get the internet at home i'll post some pictures because it is a proper exerience! but the stoopid guy who ived in my room before me left this huge fish tank thats got wierd things growing in it and like loads of fish so its like *le sigh*... but this wierdo guy had like wax strips, protien shake and feminine whips left in the room! WIERDO!!!!

oooh, i got a camp america interview on friday!!! keep your fingers crossed for me people!! i realllly wanna go! :D and i was getting into the american spirit because i stayed up with my flatmate pete till 5am watching an nfl game the pittsburg steelers vs the jacksonvilee jaguars! i like the steelers because i've only ever seen 2 american football games and they were in both! plus there quaterback is cool, he got hit by a car and huis appendix exploded and his still playing... but they did loose.... *whistles* nevermind! :D

okay, just a quick update... plus there is some wierd person looking over my shoulder reading what i'm typing, i think she's new because she's sat at the computer next to me in the uni computer room and hasn't logged on..... hmmmm?

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*sings* goodbye, farewell, aufwieder sehn, aurevior, un-konnichwai! :D [
Posted on September 09, 2006 @ 8:05 pm
[ mood | calm ]

well my children of lj i'm aboot to re-embark on the big journey that is:

*cue dramatic theme music*

the 2nd year at uni!! *drums that go: dun dun dun!!*

but alas, i will not have the internet for ages (welll i don't think i will... you never know i might be pleasently surprised!!) but when i'm back (and hopefully back with a bang!) i shall post lots of funki pictures of my house! :D

so byebyebye for either a day or like a month!! :D

but i'm including a mcfunky quiz with my departure, just because! ooh, also a poll... because i have the power to do polls and like i want to! :P

first: the poll! please vote... i've never done a poll before *is giddy with excitment*

Poll #817410 Whatcha gonna do when i'm not coming for you?

While I'm at uni what will you most likely be doing??

pssh! i dunno stuff!!
*sighs* school work or actual either way.. it sucks!
mwahahah! plotting world domination!
crying because your not here!! (heheh, what i wanted a bit of an ego trip!)
sitting on my ass watching tv and eating snacks! woo!
reading my f-list... like uhh usual!
improving my ninja skillz!
moving into uni(college)/getting used to uni(college)
the same thing i do everynight pinky... uhhh not much!
reading huge amounts of fics on my fave characters in wierd situations!

the second: the quiz heheh! what i'm a quiz whore okay!
i stole this off ofsaucywench82, woo dude you rock!

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See thecatgoesmoo's results.Collapse )

goodbye!!! :D p.s check out the mr miyagi icon i made and i got a new pair of green converse today!!!! wooo, gotta love the cons! :D lol, sorry had to throw that in there!

love and hugs!! xxx
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a sugar zombie... bleeeuuughsugar! [
Posted on September 04, 2006 @ 11:49 pm
[ mood | lethargic ]

i'm soooo sleeeepy! it's almost as bad as that time when i fell asleep on my keyboard, i had the space key imprinted on my forehead! :D

so what have i been upto i see you ask....?Collapse )

dance, dance with pictures!Collapse )

*sings* swear to shake it up, if you were to listen....Collapse )

you know when you stare at a screen too long and your eyes feel like sandpaper... *crispy eyes* okies adiue my fare peoples! :D

EDIT 5th Sept: i can finally apply for Camp America! wooooo, i hope i get a place!!! :D

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omfg! that monkee ate mickey mouse! [
Posted on August 20, 2006 @ 7:45 pm
[ mood | dirty ]

omg, i love zoos! :D

monkee lovin!Collapse )

I'm soo stoopid, i've broken 2 phones in 3 weeks! the 2nd one i broke by dropping it in a glass of juice *bangs head on desk* soo i got another old, crappy phone at the moment! at leats i'm contactable!! :D but me + technology = stoopidness!

i hereby confess my love to caiyene! :DCollapse )

£20,000 here i come!Collapse )

Quiz... because i'm bored and i think i loove them!Collapse )

if theres one song you must download, get: kane - Something to Y its like my fave song at the moment! :D okies, now i must go bathe i dont wanna be stinkay for my audtion thingy tomorrow! *waves*

EDIT 22nd Aug: my friend Jazz just past her driving test... but shes got a loaded gun at my head and said if i didn't add it to my lj then she would kill me...*gulp* HELP!

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*sings* life is a highway, i wanna ride it all night loooongggg.... [
Posted on August 10, 2006 @ 11:45 pm
[ mood | cold ]

*ahem* this post shall first consist of moaning, followed by squeeing followed swiftly planning...

ready to commence???

for your first course! Collapse )

round two aka the squeeingCollapse )

stage 3Collapse )

come on f-list, keep up!Collapse )

and thus ends my post of doooom! :D i must goto the bedtime land! *huggles*

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"liewhjdhfisdytjesrmnslkroei".... *blinks* "uhhh? can you repeat that?" [
Posted on August 02, 2006 @ 5:25 pm
[ mood | chipper ]

so i am back in the land of the merry england! did ya miss me?

tip: take a translator to ireland! :DCollapse )

my irish week, big brother and broadband!Collapse )

awww... back to reality, no more relaxing!Collapse )

now i have to go find the box for my mobile fone, which i assume i threw away because i know what i'm like... but its broken!!! damn the slideyness, i loved you and you treat me badly!!!! *cries* but now i'm using my ye olde purple nokia brick with a spongebob ring tone! :D

*sings* who lives in a pinapple under the sea???

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*sings* lets rock! everybody lets rock! dancing to the jailhouse rock! [
Posted on July 23, 2006 @ 10:00 pm
[ mood | nostalgic ]

*big special grin* my baby is back....

and has tons of new features!Collapse )

to the zoo, wooo!Collapse )

to ireland i go in 48 hours baby! :DCollapse )

i'm gonna go watch the lion king and ponder some more before i have to go to bed "early"-ish! i bid you farewell my lj friends, see you after a week of getting drunk and not understanding people, wooooo! *huggles*

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wooo new layout and other shite... wooo! [
Posted on July 16, 2006 @ 1:52 am
[ mood | sleepy ]

just a quick question i'm throwing out to all my friends in lj land...

do you like my new layout???

let me hear your thoughts!

i've not quite finished updating/fixing it up as my eyes have gone all dry from staring at the computer screen tooo long! my blinks feel like sandpaper! :D

karma, why won't you be nice to me, dammit!Collapse )

*yawns* anyhoo, sleepytime now! i wanna watch the rest fo the perfect score... i didn't realise the main guy in it is the flamey guy from fantastic 4, which i loove for cheesyness/nostialga values (i saw it nyc last year, woo good times!)

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bored! bored, BOREDDDDD! [
Posted on July 01, 2006 @ 11:21 pm
[ mood | bouncy ]

yes, as you can guess i'm bored and hott!!! stoopid laptop is making my wrist sweat... i didn't know they could sweat!!!

randomness i wish to say includes:

someone from big brother is from slough, ehehehhe!! thats soo funnny, she is a chav to that just makes me laugh! pete to win, everyone fancies him... i thinks he hott because he's original and doesn't bitch!

also the england team and brazil teams suck balls! rooney is a complete knob head and stepped on some guys balls; heheh i was hoping ronaldo could save brazil, but he's too fat now and couldn't keep up with everyone else. I got my monies on france to win!

today, in all my geekyness, i went to this film and comic convention with ashley (he paid, it was my birthday present!) and i met alan tudyk from serenity and dodgeball, nathan fillion from serenity and buffy, rachael luterall from sga and the big guy from lost! heheheh good geeky day! :D

plus i'm applying for another job because i'm that much in debt i need two! soooo if anyone knows where i can get one... please help!!

to finish off this random post, i present to my lj friends a stoopid survey which i did! it's like a get to know you thingy, so if anyone else wants to do it feel free... which i doubt!

survey thingyCollapse )

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you can't spell slough with out slo... [
Posted on June 23, 2006 @ 11:11 pm
[ mood | crazy ]

a week all ready?! you must be mad! it feels like an eternity since i was last in the midlands... ahh well going back tommorrow!!

no more pasta and rice everyday, yey!Collapse )

i have many more stories, but i wanna watch brokeback mountian again before i need to go to sleepy town!! i looove this film, its is sooo beautiful!!!!! i love gay cowboys! :D

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let the good times roll... [
Posted on June 08, 2006 @ 11:45 am
[ mood | cheerful ]

ahh! *deep breath* summer is here and i'm actually tanning!! :D usually i'm really pasty then i just go red-ish and then pasty white, but i have definate brownishness on me! yey!

end of my first year..ahhh!!Collapse )

anyways, i have to clean my room... again! thats what you get when you all chill out in my room at night and we watch big brother... grr! anyways, adios!

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I HAVE A JOB!!!! ^-^ [
Posted on May 23, 2006 @ 4:40 pm
[ mood | chipper ]


attention, may i have you attention! HEY! i said can i have your attention...

*clears throat* thank you..


weeeeeooo! :D i'm soo happy, i won't be in mega debt!!

so yey!

and my sociology exams have been cancelled, soooo i automatically pass and i only have one exam which is film studies... so totallly chillin!

but on the downside (because lately there is always one) *le sigh* i have these wierd lumpy thingys on my head, when i had one i was told it was an overactive lymph node ... but now there are loads!! grrr.. karma be on my side for once dammit!!!

okays, that is alles! ^-^

apart from this guy on deal or no deal is a total knob, he dealed soo lowww!! idiots!

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procrastination should be a sport! [
Posted on May 17, 2006 @ 1:17 am
[ mood | ikky, i have a cold! ]

if procrastinating is a sport, i would win a gold medal! :D

exam season is in full force... unfortunately!Collapse )

but to totally destress today i went round my friends nick and dom's (we get along with their whole flat and totally chill out and have a blast!) we watched the beach, chilled out and totally got my spirits raised! so now i'm going for a shower and gonna start writing more of this essay because i wanna go play mario tennis round theirs tomorrow! :D yey!

oohh, i got tagged by caiyene! yey!!!
Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 8 facts/things/habits about yourself, saying who tagged you

1. when i sit/lie down i always wiggle my right foot, i think i got a twitch or something
2. my lj sis lives in the netherlands :D
3. i dream in colour
4. i've made up my own language
5. i'm attracted to northen accents
6. i used to have 6 sugars in my tea, but i've worked it down to 2!
7. i know every single line from the lion king
8. i can listen to a song/watch a film constantly for at least a month before i get bored and i move onto another one... ocd or what!

yey, okays i tag: love_is_toxic, mrdrc, puskin666, ilovegm and.... black_tulips of course i you not tagged and you wanna do it your welcome too! :D

now to shower, wake up and write essay!

p.s. puskin666 sowri i haven't got back to you but my computer is dead, but i should be able to take a look at your fic tomorrow night and email it! sowri, 3,000 word essay has taken up all my time... grrr!!!

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shitbollocksfuckerbastardgit!! [
Posted on May 12, 2006 @ 1:11 pm
[ mood | pissed off ]

grrrr... i say, grrrr!

basically my computer is fucked! is it bad that it smells of burning cats and won't switch on anymore?? me without the internet is like a fish without water... shitty! i kicked it and it still doesn't work!!!!



on a high-ish note, i've got an interview at 3pm which i really need to start getting ready for! but i looked at my account yesterday and i've got £0.00, which is bad! people owe me monies though and i've got some birthday monies to live on... but the uni want £70 off of me for the internet connection, which i don't have otherwise i can't reapply next` year or some crap like that!!!!!

could we do a save the student fund????? because i need one!! grrr!!!

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